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Feb 22, 2013 2:00pm EST
weekend. oscar has been on a 21-day road trip. along with comedians angie greenup and glen lee, they have been stopping in places all across the country and drumming up the hype and getting people excited about the oscars and guess where they are today? guess where they are "right this minute"? here. [ cheers and applause ]. >> oscar, oscar, oscar, oscar, oscar, oscar, oscar! >> tell me about it. oscar. >> woo-hoo. >> wow. welcome. >> over here. >> take my seat. >> yes. >> angie, ben, you have been on a 21 day tour with oscar. tell us about some of the highlights, some of the amazing stuff that you guys have done. >> one highlight for sure is seeing you in person. >> does this make this oscar the most fondled oscar in history. >> we don't use fondled we used caressed sexually. >> you can't fondle him. >> it is nice and firm. >> has anyone done anything inappropriate with oscar. >> i was the first. >> and shot it. >> who is the most famous person to hold this oscar? >> i have so many people to thank at the moment. ♪ in the world >> i love you, oscar. >> been dating for three weeks n
Feb 12, 2013 2:00pm EST
have comedians angie and ben via skype right this minute. what has been your favorite moment? >> one of my personal favorites is i got to ride the zamboni at a new jersey devils game. that i didn't know was a life-long dream until i got on it and i was like, this is a life-long dream. >> i went to a night club and he and i hit on some girls and he did better than me. >> i picture this as a flat stanley tour where you take him around and take pictures of him doing things. is that how this is going? >> that's exactly what's been going on. like, for example, for the last five minutes, oscar has been shining our shoes and he is finished. thank you so much. >> when you hold that thing i feel like you have to make a speech of some sort. do you guys find yourself doing that? >> we let everybody do a speech. when fans come to take pictures, we're like speech, giving a speech. >> i would like to thank the academy. coming soon "rocky 12". >> i would like to thank my fifth grade teacher who taught me to believe in myself. >> i did wendy williams and she pulled a speech out of her wig. >> all of
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am EST
angie here. we'll let you know why they're here when we come back to play the game. >> we're doing it now. >> right now. >> which we're playing right now. by the way. we're all counting down oscar sunday. so much excitement. i wish josh was here. but i get to hold the skinny mike. we have a pesspecial guest in t studio. oscar. it's the first cross-country trip for oscar. you gate chance to escort oscar around the country. how did that happen for you? >> i'm a trained actor the whole life. this is the way the academy recognizes an actor that's never been recognized. >> he's not supposed to talk. >> angie, is that prebl not how it happened? >> it's not at all how it happened. we're both comedians, we have a love for the movies and the oscars. we want to bring the magic of the oscars to movie fans all around the country. >> you're going to get a chance to see oscar, maybe in your town. it's time to play our game, lara spencer. she'll announce each category by touching the large screen. we'll begin, because the first one is about oscar. now, ladies and gentlemen, if you will touch your
Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
of movie history for more than 80 years. he is on tour and joining us is angie and ben with the oscar road trip good morning. >> good morning. >> how was the weather getting in first? >> it was not bad we got in last night so it was okay and it's just rain eke take rain over snow any day. >> aid couple drinks before we headed into the last hour so i felt great. >> you feeling great this morning. and that is 21-day trip and you are five days in how does it feel. >> it's been amazing. we don't know what day it is orwhere we are at when we wake up it's what city are we in the fans found great. >> you sound like a politician. >> exactly. you ask off camera if we have talked to the oscar. i haven't talking to him he ignores me. it's weird. >> yeah he doesn't talk back fee -- he doesn't. >>> in terms of authenticity and the weight and size this is a real oscar statue. >> it's an oscar statue givenout and it's not a road oscar it's real one. >> not just a prop. >> they will buff it up and refurbish it and someone will win this. >> the green state of mind this is recycleed recycleed. this is
Feb 18, 2013 4:00am EST
city, dallas, houston. and you can suggest where angie and ben take oscar in phoenix by going to the stach chu will cross the derts and end here in hollywood, just the time for sunday. >> hope oscar has a little purel. >>> that's what's micking news in america this morning. >>> stay with us for "gma" and have a wonderful presidents' day.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5